Welcome everyone, to our web-site  Here, we'll keep ya up-to-date on what's the latest with The Chesterfields. The brand new dance-geared Rock-n-Roll quartet out of Cleveland who specialize in the shimmering sound of the '60s electric organ. (What'sat mean?)  Well, hits from bands like The Young Rascals, The Buckinghams & Grass Roots, The Dave Clark 5, Paul Revere & the Raiders, The Animals &  Doors. Plenty of Johnny Rivers and Turtles and yes...pop favorites like "Louie-Louie"  "96 Tears" & "Secret Agent Man".  If it has an electric organ in it, we'll get to it! At this location, you'll get the scoop on gigs just booked, changes in starting times,cancellations due to weather, or any other breaking news pertaining to the band & it's performances. We'll remind you of special events, and even let ya know what tunes we're workin' on for the show. This is the spot for the news... Come see us at our facebook page. 











      Come hear us do Mitch Rider's "Devil With The Blue Dress/Good Golly           Miss Molly" medley..Ed Sarley just rips the #x&*% out of it..! 
         Hear Bill March sing The Grass Root's "Midnight Confession"...

            dig on some new-to-us CCR.AND,as always,
     Jefferson Rice & Elbert Webb will beat out their original rendition of       Love's "Little Red Book". As close a! s you're gonna get to The Mentor          Rock-Shop or The Chagrin Armory. It's '67 again!
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Date Time Location

 Friday, November, 25th

           8:00 - 11:30                                  


Bagley @ Stearns in Olmsted Falls


                                             THE CHESTERFIELDS      


The Chesterfields featuring Ed Sarley on guitar, Billy March on Bass,Jefferson Rice on Saxophone & Keyboards, and Elbert Webb on Drums, will celebrate 3 years when they play

The Savannah Grille,was the club they first appeared in. Come see them 2 Razzles. Free admission and no min. Free parking . Best bar-burger in Cleveland. You'll whisk back to '68 as you dig hits from The Buckinghams,Spencer Davis Group,Rare Earth, Mitch Rider,The Outsiders & all the organ-driven dance-rock from the late "60's. It's as close as you'll ever get to a St. Ed's mixer!! Yup, from "Whiter Shade of Pale" & "Green Eyed Lady" to "Black is Black" & "Mr. Dieingly Sad" you ain't gonna hear these favorites anywhere else!Arrive by 7:30 & get a table by the dance floor so when you're worn out from dancing like you're a sophomore, you can still watch!  

See everyone at Razzles in Olmsted Falls, Bagley & Stearns @ 8:30


Contact Information

The Chesterfields

Geezer Head Quarters

Olmsted Falls, OH




                                          Call  440/773-6172 for booking info.


Comin' soon to a cool spot near you!
THANKS SO MUCH...to the class of '67-'74 who come out to see us. There's no other band's gonna give you that vibe you felt at the Hullabaloo Club,or It's Boss,or the Chagrin Armory, or a Padua mixer, or the Wildwood Pavillion, NONE! So slip a safe in your wallet & get your ass out to a gig. The girls from Magnificat are still there! Just a little, uh, prettier! Oh, and by the way, gentlemen..(ahem..) the scenery at our gigs is uh, ni- i- ice! Didn't know girls in their fifties had figures like that...probably 'cause they come to see The Chesterfields to DANCE. Dig what I'm sayin? Stay tuned to this space for all the info ya need to plan a night out with us...bring your dancin' shoes.

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                             Know a spot you'd like to see The Chesterfields appear? Invite them to visit us here, and we'll take it from there!

                                                           Come see us at our facebook page for up to date pictures of our gigs!

                                     That's about the news Ghoulardi fans. Stay sick...and don't forget to turn blue. Follow the usual instuctions...
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       Watch this spot for additional songs 

    SONG                                  Artist

Come On Up                        Young Rascals 

Get Ready                        Rare Earth

Gimme Some Lovin                      Spencer Davis Group 

Incence & Peppermint                      Strawberry Alarm Clock

Sunny                               Bobby Hebb

Black is Black                Los Bravos

Bend Me Shape Me                American Breed

Come on up to my Boat               Every Mothers Son

Lil' Red Book                            Love

Poor Side of Town                      Johnny Rivers

Memphis                                      Johnny Rivers

Louie Louie                                  The Kingsman

Sooner or Later                        The Grass Roots

I'm a Man                         Sir Douglas Quintet

Just Like Me                             Paul Revere & The Raiders

Kicks                                         Paul Revere & The Raiders    

Grooving                                       Young Rascals 

Good Lovin'                                  Young Rascals

Mr. Dieingly Sad                       The Critters     

Born to Wander                          Rare Earth

Time is Tight                              Booker T. & The MG's     

Respect                                      The Rationals

Nobody But Me                           Human Beinz

Don't You Care                            The Buckinghams

Do you Wanna Dance                       BeachBoys

Dance Dance Dance                          BeachBoys

Happy Together                                 The Turtles

She'd Rather Be With Me                   The Turtles

Secret Agent                              Johnny Rivers

96 Tears                              ? and The Misteryions

Kind of a Drag                           The Buckinghams

Because                                           Dave Clark 5

Do You Love Me                             Dave Clark 5

Traces                                            The Classics 4 

Gotta Get Outta Dis Place              The Animals

Time Won't Let Me                         Outsiders

Whiter Shade                              Procol Harem

Love Too Times                            The Doors

Hanky Panky                                 Tony James

Gimme Lil' Sign                               Brenton Woods

Can't You See That She's Mine            Dave Clark 5

Honky Tonk                                  Booker T. & The GM's

Green Eyed Lady                                      Sugarloaf